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Find a shift that is a perfect fit with your Lifestyle and Preferences.

Manage your Schedule as per your convenience, Anytime, Anywhere…all you need is now right at your fingertips.

Why Nursd?

Because your work-life is now centered around your preferences

Hassle-free Scheduling

Save time and effort as we help you in finding the right shift. Tell us your preferred availability, and only get smart recommendations for your profile

Reduce Overtime and Burnout

Smart scheduling and shift tracking means no overtime and no burnout. Say yes to Work-life balance!

Real-time Shift Tracking

Ensures accurate logging of work, fair pay and reduces overtime. This also facilitates easier management of open shifts

Flexible Scheduling

make your schedule on your own terms. Receive alerts whenever there is an open shift and choose where, when and how long you work.

How it works...

1. Register / Sign up
Confirm your e-mail and our team will reach out to you. We will help you fill up your profile summary and initiate registration. Once your registration form is submitted you will get your ‘Profile verification checklist’.
2. Create Your Profile
Upload your profile details, License info and work experience as per the ‘Profile Verification checklist’. Once submitted you can view the status of your application at each stage of the document verification and Profile Approval process.
3. Fill in your Availability
Once your profile is approved and activated, you have access to our job board. Fill up your shift preferences and availability and get shift recommendations based on your profile.
4. One-click Apply
Apply with a single click from the shift recommendations or the job-board
All this from the comfort of your own room, as we hook you up with your desired shift
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A multitude of Shifts, right at your fingertips

  • Interested in per-diem shifts? browse our job board.
  • Are you looking for long-term placements instead? we’ve got you covered.
  • Tell us your preference and we match you with Healthcare facilities that are a perfect fit.
  • With NURSD, you work on your own terms.

Build Your Own Tribe

  • You are not alone in this, connect with nursing professionals across facilities.
  • Find support and Camaraderie among your peers through the NURSD Community

Earn as much as you work

  • we provide competitive pay as per the Healthcare Facility Guidelines. 
  • Get paid weekly, for as much as you work
  • Earn additional perks based on our Referrals and Rewards system

With NURSD, we make your work-life...


  • Our SaaS based Workforce management Platform comes with intuitive software that is easy for everyone to use
  •  We Streamline hiring, training and onboarding for a hassle-free experience


  • You decide where, when and how long to work, and we bring you the best opportunities that match your need. 
  •  All your Scheduling needs met on your own terms, hence giving you all the flexibility you need.


  • Hassle-free job search and all your scheduling needs, met right at your finger-tips.
  • Conveniently manage your work as we resolve all the complexities involved in the process.

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