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  • There is no base rate. The rate will vary dependent on the day of the week, facility, shift time, etc., which is why it can always vary.
  • You can set the minimum rate you want to get paid and we can make sure that you get only shifts that match your criteria
  • Our pay period runs every Sunday-Saturday
  • You will be sent payment the following Friday of each week
  • You may receive a mailed check to your mailing address the first week depending on how quickly you sign up for our Direct Deposit (Verified vs Unverified). Mailed checks go out on Friday and typically take 3-4 days to arrive at your mailing address
  • Please note: Missing a Check-In / Check-Out and revisions to your shift, will potentially delay your payment process until the following week. If you have any questions regarding when you should be paid, feel free to call our Support Specialists at 703-585-1899 or email us at [email protected]

NURSD does not offer overtime. However, If you work over 40 hours NURSD will pay time and a half for every additional hour over 40.

No, we are fully flexible when it comes to contracts. You can pick up work on a per-shift basis or weekly basis as per your flexibility. So, relax and leave this to us.

Once you are activated – fully verified and complete your background checks in our system, you can start picking your shifts.

Some of the expectations that are included but are not limited to: 

  • We promise the high quality of patient care. Specific items you were trained as a nurse/aide to do to take care of a patient 
  • We believe in professionalism. Dress professionally in scrubs to make a positive impression and impress
  • We are proud of the NURSD brand. Make sure to introduce yourself to the nursing staff as a NURSD RN, LPN or CNA 
  • Check-in & Out: you will receive reminders to check-in and check-out on your mobile app. This will ensure you get paid on time for your hours worked. 

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