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We offer Nurses Flexible, Local jobs that suit their lifestyle. We help Healthcare service providers to have control over uncertainity. And the best part? All at the touch of a button.

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Genuine and Certified Medical Supplies for Government, Hospitals and Institutions


'Smart Match' Algorithm

Our HR Tech platform is built on a ‘smart match’ algorithm that matches the specific needs of a healthcare facility with the skills and preferences of nursing professionals.

'Secure and Vetted' Platform

Our thorough vetting, verification and training process enables a seamless integration of the professional into your healthcare facility, ensuring the highest quality patient care.

'Smart Scheduling'

Our ‘smart scheduling’ makes picking up shifts simple, flexible and convenient. Apply online in minutes and connect with the right people on your terms.

How it Works

For Nurses

Find a nurse job that is a 'perfect match' for your lifestyle and preferences

Create your Profile

Find a Job

Apply and leave it to us

For Healthcare Facilities

Find the best suited nurse for the specific needs of your facility in just 3 simple steps

Access your Personal Portal

Submit shift request

Relax and Leave it to us

What we Believe in

Our Values

  3 simple values  

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility 
  • Convenience

Our Promises

3 Simple Promises

  • High Quality Patient Care
  • Empowered Staff
  • Best Customer Service

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